General troublemaking

Walking on the Other Side of the Street

Recently while walking home, I ended up walking on the other side of the street (like, the west side of Bleecker versus the east side) from where I normally walk because of traffic lights. I find there are certain habits I form when walking that I end up avoiding certain blocks.

Well, let me tell you, there were all these stores on the other side of the street I had literally never noticed. I was shocked that around the corner from my apartment (literally, two blocks away), we’re a strip of stores I didn’t even know existed. It hit me even harder when I found out one of the shops was closing because it couldn’t compete with the larger, fancier stores down the street (which, by the way, I have noticed). Maybe I wasn’t the only person that focused on the things I was familiar with.

I realized in that moment that it is important, both literally and figuratively, to walk on the other side of the street. We get so caught up in the grind of our every day lives– the route we take to work, where we get lunch, how we approach the work we take on, the brunch places we go with friends, where we shop, etc.– that we are unable to gain a larger perspective, or view things in a different way.

Have I mentioned I work with a (truly amazing) life coach? Last summer he encouraged me to try something new every day for two weeks. I did that, and it really reinvigorated me to take an alternative commute or try a different drink at Starbucks. Innovative, creative ideas do not come out of repetition or monotony. Neither does troublemaking. It’s imperative to walk on the other side of the street, to view things from a different angle, to start to challenge yourself and the status quo.

What will you do this week to change things up?


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